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Frenzy Höhne was born in Leibzig in 1975 where she currently lives and works. Before the artist devoted herself to art studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Hamburg, she studied philosophy. Later on she became a master student of Professor Alba d' Urbano at the Academy of Fine Arts in Leipzig. In her monumental room installations, the artist directs her critical view to social treatment of symbols and challenges the viewer to reflect on the relationship of man to his symbolic world.

The opening to the political sphere is increasingly manifested in her work 'Fahne Hoch', which was shown at the gallery during the exhibition 'FLIGHT INTO THE UNKNOWN'. By appropriating the politically charged motive of the flag, Frenzy Höhne questions mechanisms of collective enthusiasm like patriotism and points to the unspecific connection between mental constructs and real events. The flag that dominates the exhibition area, consists of red woolen threads which are interwoven with each other and extend linearly to the ground. However the state symbol is not representative of a nation but denies identification in favor of expression.