Seungyea Park aka Spunky Zoe was born in Seoul, South Korea where she currently lives and works.

Her elaborate art, which combines skilful methods of drawing and painting, displaces and distorts elements of the human figure with a particular focus on the face and hands. Park sketches her motifs and gently shades them with swirling movements made with a ballpoint pen and uses acrylic paint for further refinement. Park transforms the face into a plastic form and occasionally alters anatomical elements. She still retains a sense of three-dimensionality and realism. A sense of three-dimensionality and realism is thus maintained, yet her works show surreal tendencies. Parks motifs float in a free space without a recognizable background. Seungyea Park studied Fine Arts in New York at Southampton Longisland University and C.W.Post Longisland University. Park is among other things prize winner of the "Asian Art Award" of the Sovereign Art Foundation Hong Kong and participated in numerous projects of the International Art Studio South Korea and the Art Studio of the Yungeun Art Museum.

„My works address the topic of ‘Monstrousness’ caused by fear in our inner world. I make my work wishing that I can be accustomed to and overcome fear by drawing out, and facing monsters, or the true nature of fear.“