© Ronit Baranga

Ronit Baranga is an Israeli artist who currently lives and works in Israel. In 2015, she participated in Banksy's group exhibition "Dismaland". Since then, she showed her work in numerous solo and group exhibitions in New York, Taiwan, China, Australia and Germany.

She creates realistic clay sculptures consisting of human body parts. She sculpts the body without anatomical errors to tempt the viewer to approach it, to examine it, and to finally relate to it. There is always an ambiguity and an element of the unexpected to her work. Human bodies, mouths, hands, fingers, expressions, attitudes and postures draw the viewer into a surrealistic world.

Ronit’s white clay sculptures provide a new look on still life. In her pieces, she gives human features to every day objects, suggesting that they might find their own purpose: a mouth opens in a plate, a sugar bowl reaches out with human fingers and squeezes a nearby teapot. Her work highlights tension between human life and lifeless objects and also between competing emotions or concepts even in pieces with entirely human subjects. Beauty and dissonance are intentional aspects of her work.