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Group exhibition P*SSY If you take a look at the history of feminism – from the first feminist wave in the 18th century through the women’s movement of the 1960s to the present day – you already overview more than 200 years by now. How deeply anchored the patriarchal heritage however still is in supposedly inconspicuous nuances of life, is shown by everyday terms like „You´re such a pussy!“, which are used in a synonymous context of meaning as a proxy for weakness or cowardice. There is no doubt that the role assignments implied in them are defamatory both for people with and without vulvas and vaginas – but the context of meaning is slowly shifting: Positive examples such as „Pussy Riot“ or „Pussy Power“ testify to the increasing reconquest of the term by women* and its transformation into an epitome of female strength. The fruitful key element for the dissolution of outmoded ideas lies above all in the public visibility and self-evidence of such counter-movements. Thus, the exhibition P*SSY also sees itself as a tribute and homage to the self-empowering approach to femininity, offering a diverse artistic vocabulary of Modern Feminism. Thoughtful, humorous, fun and confrontational positions question gender images and ideals, celebrate moments of self-expression and invite holistic exchange and reflection. Curated by Kaj Häuser

Artists: Daantje Bons, Delia R. Ferraro, Hira Khan, Lena Kunz, Rebekka Hochreiter, Valeriia Dubovikova, Yolanda Dorda

The exhibition will take place from 17 June until 14 July 2023 every Thursday to Saturday from 3 to 7 p.m. / opening Saturday 17 June 18-22 h. Location: Galerie flash, Blumenstrasse 21a, 80331 München. Gallery størpunkt and Galerie flash have formed a temporary partnership for a project collaboration.